• Division of Microbiology (Kanda lab), Faculty of Medicine, Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Our laboratory

Our office is on the 6th floor of the 1st Educational Research Building of the Fukumuro campus of the School of Medicine. The laboratory on the 7th floor is “open-laboratory style,” with laboratory benches for basic and clinical departments lined up in an open space without partitions. As a result, it is easy to communicate with people from other laboratories, and various types of equipment are for common use. The benches of the Division of Microbiology are located on the southeast side of the open laboratory.
In addition, there are rooms for high-grade machines (laser microscopies, FACS sorter/analyzers, etc.), a P2 laboratory (for conducting experiments using viruses), and a histopathological sample center on the 3rd floor. The laboratory’s technical staff are “unsung heroines/heroes” and are in charge of various management and operation tasks, making it possible to operate smoothly.
On a clear day, we can see the Pacific Ocean to the east and the city of Sendai and the Zao and Funagata mountains to the west. It is a very comfortable laboratory to work!

Zao mountains from the laboratory
Funagata mountains from the laboratory