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Teru Kanda Post list

A header image has been updated

Yesterday, November 16th, it was clear, sunny, and pleasant. The western view from the 7th floor of the research building was spectacular, so I made it the header image for my homepage. The previous header image was a photo of autumn clouds stained by sunset. While the scenery was beautiful, I was concerned about the ...

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An EBV paper came out from UCSD

Yesterday, a “Web of Science Alert” e-mail informed me about a Nature paper on EBV research. The article states that human chromosome 11q23 has a clustered repeat to which the viral protein EBNA1 binds and that 11q23-specific chromosomal break occurs when the expression level of EBNA1 increases. There have been reports that EBNA1 is involved ...

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Self introduction

Lab Member page updated.

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English page started

English page started.

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